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  • Verbs (forms, tenses, mood, voice)
  • Nouns and Articles
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Question words
  • Negatives and indefinites
  • Conjunctions and prepositions
  • Pronouns
  • Intermediate resources
  • Advanced resources
  • Other Language Teaching and Learning Links
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    Introduction to verbs
    -er- verbs in present tense; and -er verbs test
    Regular -re verbs; and Regular -re verbs test
    Irregular -re verbs; and Irregular -re verbs test


    Passive ; Passive usage; and Passive test
    Reflexive verbs ; Pronominal verbs; and Pronominal verbs test


    Index to tenses and moods and links
    Using the present tense
    Past tenses: Imperfect vs passé composé; and Imperfect vs passé composé Test
    Passé composé ; and Passé composé test
    Imperfect : usage ; Imperfect : forms; and Imperfect test
    Future ; Future usage; and Future Test
    Pluperfect; and Pluperfect test
    Passé simple


    Conditional; Conditional usage; and Conditional test
    SI clauses
    Subjunctive and Past Subjunctive
    Imperatives ; and Imperatives test
    Present participle ; and Present participle test

    Nouns and Articles

    Introduction to nouns
    Gender and number
    Definite articles
    Indefinite articles
    Partitive articles
    Articles test


    Adjectives : position ; and Adjectives : position test
    Demonstrative adjectives ce cette ces
    Indefinite adjectives - tout, chaque, autre, quelque etc;
    tout, toute as adjectives ; and tout, toute test
    bon, bien; mauvais/mal ; and bon, bien; mauvais/mal test
    Adjectives and adverbs : comparatives and superlatives plus test


    Adverbs : types ; and Adverbs : placing and forms
    Adverbs of time
    Adverbs of place

    Question words

    Intro to questions
    Interrogative Pronouns: Qui / Que
    Interrogative adjectives : quel
    Interrogative adverbs : how when why
    Interrogative adverbs : how when why Test

    Negatives and indefinites

    French Indefinite Expressions :N'importe...

    Conjunctions and Prepositions

    Conjunctions : intro; Co-ordinating conjunctions; and Subordinating conjunctions
    Conjunctions test
    Prepositions easy info; and Verbs with prepositions; Prepositions easy game
    Prepositions ; and Prepositions with place names; and Prepositions tests


    Subject pronouns; and Subject pronouns game
    Relative pronouns ; and Relative pronouns test
    Direct object pronouns; and Direct object pronouns Test
    Indirect object pronouns ; and Indirect object pronouns Test
    Demonstrative pronouns: ce, ceci, celui etc

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